Friday, November 6, 2015

|Gadis Pashmina 020: Let him go!

Day by day ,
I'm start to forget him..

His face,
Our memories..
Seems everything fade away!

I don't know either this is a good sign or a bad sign..

But yes, sometimes I'm stalking him..
Stalk his instragram, stalk his Facebook..
But he seem much more happy without me.
He looks shine without me..

So I know , now is the right time to let him go..

From my heart,
From my memories..

Thanks for being some part of me.
Thanks for make me smile , even for a while ..

Some point,I'm relieved . We end up this way.

I do dua infront of kaabah and jabal Rahmah..
It's been 3 years and now I know the answer to my dua..

For new love, don't worry..
He just a memories ..
But yes he got special place in my heart, long time ago

Thanks for the wonderful 9 years with me!
Thanks for your patience !
Thanks for everything that you do to me!

Sorry for hurting you.
Sorry for leaving you without word.
Sorry, for the pain im leave to you..

I know you happy with your new life !
It might be selfish , but it's the best way for us

And know, Officially I'm let you go 😊

Thursday, February 26, 2015

|Gadis Pashmina 019: Move on|

almost 2 years tak update blog...

Hahaah..tapi as usual aku cuma akan update blog bila fikiran selama 2 tahun ni tenang la ye hidup aku..


ok pagi ni aku nak celoteh pasal move on. Move on cakap senang, tapi nak buat susah. Kau rasa senang tak kau nak move on lepas 9 tahun ko cinta maut kat seseorang..payah beb!

Aku rasa aku ni kekadang hidup dalam in denial syndrome. Cakap kat orang aku dah move on tapi aku masih berada di tahap yang sama..and lagi worse kot!

Member aku dah tensen nak brainwash aku..sebab dia cakap aku degil. Hahaha memang degil, tapi kau kabari aku acane nak moveon?

acane ea nak cakap...Aku rasa aku tak pernah repel orang, sebab aku tak rasa pun orang suka aku tapi kawan aku cakap dalam diam aku asyik repel orang. Aku tak pernah kask ruang nak rapat ngan aku.

Pikir pikir balik betul sangat apa kawan aku cakap. Aku selalu set barrier bila orang nak kawan rapat dengan aku. Aku akan cakap aku dah ada boyfriend or aku sound direct aku tak minat. Aku tak pernah kasi ruang untuk kenal orang lain. Sangat tak move on padahal mamat tu dah lama move on...aku je yang masih sangkut.

mungkin..2015 ni ak memang patut move on...dont look back on for new one and i need to find my own happiness.

Bak kata judika.."aku pun ingin bahagia walau tak bersama dia..."