Friday, November 6, 2015

|Gadis Pashmina 020: Let him go!

Day by day ,
I'm start to forget him..

His face,
Our memories..
Seems everything fade away!

I don't know either this is a good sign or a bad sign..

But yes, sometimes I'm stalking him..
Stalk his instragram, stalk his Facebook..
But he seem much more happy without me.
He looks shine without me..

So I know , now is the right time to let him go..

From my heart,
From my memories..

Thanks for being some part of me.
Thanks for make me smile , even for a while ..

Some point,I'm relieved . We end up this way.

I do dua infront of kaabah and jabal Rahmah..
It's been 3 years and now I know the answer to my dua..

For new love, don't worry..
He just a memories ..
But yes he got special place in my heart, long time ago

Thanks for the wonderful 9 years with me!
Thanks for your patience !
Thanks for everything that you do to me!

Sorry for hurting you.
Sorry for leaving you without word.
Sorry, for the pain im leave to you..

I know you happy with your new life !
It might be selfish , but it's the best way for us

And know, Officially I'm let you go 😊